Perceived corruption: an unchanged global scenario

Many countries improved their scores in 2015, but corruption is still a global problem: that’s what emerged from the last Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (CPI), that measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption worldwide


The Truthful Art: Alberto Cairo reveals the techniques of the "data storytelling design"

"No matter what is your job today: soon, you will become a data worker": words of Alberto Cairo, one of the leading world experts in data visualization, who reflects in his latest book on the boom of graphs, maps and illustrations telling us each aspect of our lives


Tunisia: the high-tech trade has its own revolution

The latest generation digital technologies meet the Tunisian retail world: in the Mediterranean capital, one of the largest shopping centers in the African continent has been inaugurated, with modern and high-tech design


Data citizen journalism: news-making lessons with Aron Pilhofer

It is the least explored area of journalism, but it is also the most challenging for the future: here’s the part of news-making that involves directly readers, turning them into reporters and witnesses. Words of Aron Pilhofer, director of the digital unit of The Guardian



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