Morocco bets on e-commerce

The National Federation of E-commerce in Morocco launches the biggest e-commerce platform of the Continent, which will host over 420.000 Moroccan products, from the agricultural to the technological field


Unmask the corrupt: a social media campaign against corruption

Launched by Trasparency International,“Unmask the corrupt” is the global campaign against the confidentiality of ownership structures and the easy way the corrupt escape justice and exploit the proceeds of illegal activities. Conceived as a social media campaign, it is the echo of collectivity against corruption


EXPO 2015: the European Union agenda

A rich agenda full of events for the EU at the Milan Exhibition: over 70 events, among conferences and meetings, to address the theme of food resources from different perspectives and reconfirm the institutional commitment for a more sustainable Europe and world


Umberto Eco and the digital buzz

From the illusion of interactivity to the globalised buzz, the semiologist – who tells “the present through the past” in his last novel – reflects on the digital media and their controversial effects on contemporary politics. With some unexpected advantages



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