Morocco bets on e-commerce

The National Federation of E-commerce in Morocco launches the biggest e-commerce platform of the Continent, which will host over 420.000 Moroccan products, from the agricultural to the technological field

Its name will be “Made in Morocco” and it will be the biggest African e-commerce platform, dedicated to goods produced in Morocco. According to press reports, the platform will be shortly inaugurated.

This is a project of the National Federation of E-commerce in Morocco (FNEM), gathering 217 Moroccan manufacturers, members of the FNEM, into an Economic Interest Group called “Only Morocco” and signing 58 conventions with public offices, logistics companies, software makers and the business and professional Associations.

The platform will host over 420.000 goods produced in Morocco – certified according to international standards  among which books, paintings, films and music, food and cosmetics, traditional and non-traditional jewelry, computers, smartphones and tablets.



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