Evolutionary leaps: Europe and the new languages

Nowadays, Europe seems to be in the middle of a ford, among various strongly entrenched beliefs and a glaring difficulty in converting these beliefs into a system upgrade, into a new, more structured and coherent institutional function


Europe according to the author of House of Cards

Undisputed star of the ICS Rome, Michael Dobbs, the author of "House of Cards", has delighted the audience with his flawless British humour and has enflamed the debate with intense reflections on storytelling and European identity


SkyArte: a docu-reality with Pomilio Blumm

An innovative format, halfway between reality show and documentary, dedicated to the story of the young artists of the Mediterranean: the Director of SkyArte HD, Roberto Pisoni, has introduced the new project started with Pomilio Blumm at the ICS Rome


Semiotics and social media: an innovative analysis

"The great Italian beauty according to Italians: perceptions and representations on social networks", a research commissioned to the Italian Association for Semiotic Studies by Pomilio Blumm, was presented at the ICS Rome



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