Learning transparency: applications open for TI Summer School on Integrity

Next summer Vilnius (Lithuania) will host the new edition of the Transparency International School on Integrity for young students and professionals


Social Capital: Robert Putnam explains why “together is better”

Science and society meet in the words of Robert Putnam, the “inventor” of social capital: a concept of transformation between new social and global dynamics


Jane Goodall: what I learned from chimpanzees

From the ability to break the patterns to the empathy as an essential aspect of research: Jane Goodall, the lady of world ethology, explains how she revolutionized the study of animal behaviour. And she warns: by studying primates’ communication, we can understand better ours


Future-oriented visions between enterprise and communication

Protean, kaleidoscopic, constantly evolving. From Italy to Europe, the entrepreneur has an innate “vocation for the future” that - today more than ever - dialogues with the world of communication and its challenges


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