Venice – Mediterranean and enterprises: from “business to business” to “partner to partner”

At the Italy Mediterranean Business Forum, which took place last March 26 in Venice, BusinessMed vice-president Alberto Baban stressed the importance of the Mediterranean for a new way of doing business, based on a “partner to partner” approach

While globalisation is leading towards a growing standardisation, the importance of our shared culture and the originality of the Mediterranean is increasingly emerging. Business is not limited to a country’s  boundaries: that’s why it is necessary to give value to an idea of business community and belonging to it. 

BusinessMed, gathering the Mediterranean central business organizations, can be the bearer of a new way of doing business, based on the cultural respect and country neighbourhood, overcoming the “Business to Business” approach to reach a “Partner to Partner” approach.

This is what Alberto Baban, President of Confindustria’s Piccola Industria and BusinessMed Vice-President, declared at the Italy Mediterranean Business Forum which took place last March 26 in Venice, and which saw also the participation of  Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo.

With Baban’s appointment, for the first time BusinessMed’s Vice-Presidency is bestowed to a North Mediterranean business organization, thus re-launching the integration of Mediterranean markets also at economic and social level, through a business culture that shares the values and the strategies aimed at growth.



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