Tom Arnold and the commitment of the SUN movement promoted by the UN

From Africa to Asia, via South America: the food emergency affects dozens of countries around the world. Working to tackle it, here’s the goal of the SUN movement promoted by the United Nations and explained in the words of Tom Arnold, the project coordinator

The food is a universal right. To defend this principle, the SUN movement - Scaling Up Nutrition was born in 2010: promoted by the United Nations, the project today represents a virtuous example of collaboration between states, involving 55 countries of Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

The aim of the movement, as pointed out by the coordinator Tom Arnold at the event "Towards a Research Agenda for Global Food and Nutrition" held in the European Union Pavilion at Expo, is to "improve standards of nutrition in the world, starting it from early childhood, the essential base for the future of every living being."

"Our activities - says Arnold - involve transversely institutions, stakeholders, private sector, citizens. Much of our work is to emphasize the importance of nutrition at the political level and to ensure that the priorities that emerged from international comparisons are reflected in national plans, and the mobilization efforts turn into concrete and coordinated commitment of everybody."



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