European quality products protagonists at Expo

PDO, PGI, TSG: these are the trademarks established by the EU in order to protect the quality and originality of agri-food products. How is it possible to protect them from further risks of forgery? This issue was discussed at Expo, with a conference promoted by Italy, the European country with the highest number of registered trademarks

Europe boasts a rich heritage of quality agri-food products. In order to protect it in a synergic and coordinated way in each one of the Member States, the Union has developed a common system envisaging the use of three trademarks: the protected designation of origin (PDO), the protected geographical indication (PGI) and the traditional specialities guaranteed (TSG). In this framework, a key role is being played by Italy, which holds the European record for the number of registered trademarks: 271 within the food sector and 523 in the wine sector.  

Within this protection scheme the risk of forgery remains nevertheless significant, especially for Italy, affected by the phenomenon of “Italian sounding”. It is exactly to reflect on how to best protect the Made in Italy in the agri-food sector, that last June 15th the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies has called the “States General of Geographical Indications” at Expo.

Among the themes discussed during the event (organised with the support of the agency Pomilio Blumm), the protection measures implemented by the Authority, the evolution of trademarks in Italy, the guarantees for consumers and the possible interventions to add value to National products.



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