Mediterranean: human heritage

From current critical situations to the media system distortions and the need to “return to our humanity”, through art and culture: these are Michele Capasso’s reflections presented along with the activities of the Mediterranean Foundation and the MAM at the ICS Rome

"In these hard times, art, creativity and cultural heritage should strengthen their role, as long as you make an effort of truth, honesty and competence": thus at the ICS Rome, Michele Capasso, the President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, emphasized the value and potentialities of culture for a necessary social rebirth, especially for the younger generations: “96% of the young people - says Capasso - define themselves as discouraged about the future.”

Mr. Capasso, who presides over one of the greatest existing networks to promote dialogue and peace in the Mediterranean and in the world, then reflected on what he considers the paradox of contemporary communication: "We ourselves have become propagation nodes of messages but, at the same time, we are increasingly isolated."

Hence, the wish to “return to our humanity”, while recovering the centrality of the person and to a rebirth through culture. These are the objectives for which the MAMT, the Mediterranean Museum of Art Music and Traditions of the Mediterranean Foundation, was born. Its goals - in Capasso’s own words - is “to return the Mediterranean the dignity of a place of emotion".

“This museum - said Capasso - is an example of a sensitive environment conceived as a place connecting a virtual dimension to human presence. It is a narrative habitat, where the person is called to an active role, as long as necessary.”



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