Expo after Expo: the legacy of the exposition continues online

A gift to collective memory: Wiki Expo, a project for the storage of all the knowledge created during the six months of the Universal Exposition in Milan, between open source and design thinking, will allow to extend online the event legacy

What will be Expo’s legacy, after Expo? Even if the future of the exhibition  area is still to be defined after Expo’s closing down, the know-how generated by this big event has already found its place: it will be moved online, thanks to the Wiki Expo Project.

From May to October 2015 Wiki Expo, an aggregator of crowd-sourced content, has mapped the creation of new knowledge, research, innovation projects. Concretely, it has recorded and memorialized all the events and conferences that were held during the six months of the Exposition and it has made the content available online thanks to the design thinking and to Mappr, a platform for online visualization and data storytelling. 

The joint project is included within the Food Innovation Program, second cycle master’s programme founded by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE), the Future Food Institute of Bologna (FFI) and the Institute for the Future of Palo Alto, California (IFTF). Wiki Expo, an open-source platform, will be supervised by an International team, but the cooperation is open also to young journalists, food lovers and, of course, to the general audience.



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