Women (in)visible in European newscasts

The new results of the European Observatory on Representations of Gender have been published: rising but still low the visibility given to women in the news of the major European news programs. It is generally high, instead, the number of female journalists

Women make up about one-third (32%) of the people being talked about or interviewed in the major European newscasts. Data published by the Observatory of Pavia - that for the third year has monitored the presence and the representation of women in European television news - while registering an increase of three percentage points compared to 2012 - still shows a low visibility of women in the news.

The most significant increase was recorded by German TV news (+8%) and UK (+7%) where 30% is reached, while Spain (36%) and France (33%) confirm their own data, on average higher. Italy, despite last year’s slight progress (+1%), showed a percentage of women visibility in the news steady at 25%.

Low participation of women in political information (23%) and lowest in sport (11%): women are mainly respondents as sources of popular opinion (52%) and become news when they are victims of crime (9% compared with 4% of men).

48% of European news broadcasts are, however, women-run: in Italy the share of female journalists exceeds 50%. High in some countries, the percentage of female journalist’s correspondents and/or authors of services: 61% in Spain, 54% in Italy, 47% in France, 36% in Germany and 27% in England.



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