Innovation stories: a documentary on south italy triggering growth

Innovation and competitiveness are the core topics of the documentary made by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). It promotes the results of the last call for proposals issued by the National Operational Programme for Research and Competitiveness (NOP for R&C) for Italian Southern regions. Transparency is the key word of the campaign, whose main characters are the young beneficiaries of awarded projects

Eight ideas, eight projects, eight stories of men that in 60 minutes tell the story of Italian South, looking at the future among hopes, objectives and challenges. The docufilm on NOP R&C made by the agency Pomilio Blumm on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research is now online.

Italy, stories of the future” is the title of the documentary, where the beneficiaries of projects funded by the programme talk about innovation. They are mostly young and committed to spreading new models of sharing innovation and knowledge in our country as well.

Their stories are combined with special commentaries of some prominent world communication gurus, such as Barack Obama’s web strategist, Harper Reed, guest of the last International Communication Summit.

Transparency is the key concept chosen by the MIUR for the campaign launched by the video. Pomilio Blumm has been focusing on it for years now, with events such as the Blumm Prize art award, thus developing a product where there is no space for self-referentiality, but only for direct communication between citizens and institutions.



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