Tunisia: from crisis to crisis communication

In such a delicate historical period for the Mediterranean, Countries and Institutions are trying to limit the consequences of the crisis in the investments and tourism field, by improving their communication: standing out among them is Fipa Tunisia, awarded with the Special Prize Euromediterraneo 2015

The ongoing changes and the uprisings in the Mediterranean area and the Middle East are deeply modifying also the way to communicate National societies. Indeed, faced with the spread of discouraging images and economic data, Countries and Institutions take corrective action in order to balance negative country images and avoid that the financial flows for investments and tourism take off to other destinations, into a race for regional economic recovery to re-launch consumptions and employment, inaugurating new messages and new languages.

Chronologically, Greece and Iran have been the last two countries to point out how the enlarged Mediterranean area is in extreme agitation from the political and economic point of view. If the historic agreement lifting the sanctions to Iran has opened new political and economic realities in the Eastern Mediterranean countries, in the Southern Mediterranean area Tunisia has been – once again – the Mediterranean laboratory of a crisis communication realised to counterbalance the effects of the attacks experienced during the first part of the year.

For this reason Fipa Tunisia – the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency – was awarded with the Special Prize Euromediterraneo 2015 for the communication campaign realised on occasion of the Tunisia Investment Forum 2015 that, in such a delicate moment for Tunisia, has addressed to foreign investors and emphasized their strengths.

This communication is aimed at returning the country its identity of a nation racing towards welfare and democracy, but it is also a clear signal for Northern European countries, showing them the urge for an overall economic and political response to stabilise the entire Mediterranean region.



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