Towards the birth of the brand "made in Algeria"

Algeria is about to adopt a brand to guarantee the origin of domestic products: a sign of the growing interest of governments to protect their own productions, while in Italy there is still a high level of attention on phenomena of counterfeiting

The promotion and preservation of the national production is a strategic objective shared by a growing number of Mediterranean area countries. It is in this context that the Forum des chefs d'entreprises, the Algerian entrepreneurial Central Association adhering to BusinessMed has launched a study for the creation of a brand to guarantee the origin of Algerian products.

An initiative which complements the brand "Consume Algerian" recently launched by the government of the country and that wants to assist consumers in identifying the products of national origin, promoting diversification and supporting domestic producers.

Meanwhile in Italy, Coldiretti is keeping attention focused on how the counterfeiting impacts economy, provocatively showcasing false Italian food products, the so-called "Italian sounding".

The products that seduce consumers thanks to the evocative power of “Italian flavor” have a cost estimated of "more than 100 thousand units, 14 billion of additional production and more than 5 billion of added value" as pointed out by Luisa Ferrarini, the Vice President for the Confindustria Europe, during a hearing on the phenomena of counterfeiting held last September at the Inquiry Parliamentary Commission.



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