The role of the international finance grows

The Executive Directors’ Conference for Italy at the International Finance Institutions (IFI) was held last 19th of December in Rome: an event that confirms the Italian companies’ desire for internationalization

The desire of making business beyond national boundaries is growing stronger for Italian companies. The message that confirms this desire arrives loud and clear from the Executive Directors Conference for Italy at the International Finance Institutions (IFI), organized last 19th of December in Rome by the Italian Foreign Commerce Institute (ICE) in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development, The Ministry of  Economy and  Finance, with the participation of the Executive Directors’ of The World Bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, The Inter American Development Bank, The African Development Bank and The European Investment Bank.

“We had to find financing channels in addition to the traditional bank credit, in order to develop our business in the developing counties: we are having great results working with the International Finance Corporation of The World Bank Group”. These were the words of an italian a medium-large company that produces agricultural machines.

But the International financial Corporations are also a possible road for the Small-Medium Businesses. As demonstrated by a small company that manages the treatments of hospital water, whose entire revenues are made exclusively overseas: “For us the key factors to win the international public tenders and seize the opportunities within these tenders are: studying the documentation, the constant monitoring of international tenders, in house specifically dedicated staff, English knowledge”. And determination: “We are taking part for the first time to a project in a Country where we have never worked before. We are studying. Perhaps this time we will not win, but next time we will participate and we will have the same winning chances as larger companies do”. 



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