From the mediterranean area, the best african bank

The African CEO Forum 2014 has awarded the Group Attjiariwafa Bank, headquartered in Morocco, as the “Best African Bank”. The bank’s activities replicates Morocco’s general orientation towards the Sub-Saharan Africa

Morocco keeps being successful. The Group Attjiariwafa Bank, headquartered in Morocco and working in some European countries - among which Italy - with the Europe Attjiariwafa Bank, was awarded as “the Best African Bank” during the second edition of the AFRICA CEO FORUM, held in Geneva from 17 to 19 March 2014. Promoted by the African Development Bank and the Groupe Jeune Afrique, the Forum was attended by over 700 entrepreneurs, financial specialists and African and international leaders.

The award recognizes the Attjiariwafa Bank’s commitment to financing African companies, mirroring Morocco’s external policy towards Sub-Saharan Africa, as proved by the 91 intergovernmental and private/public agreements the King of Morocco signed during his African tour in Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry and Gabon last March 2014.

The General Confederation of Moroccan Companies (CGEM) took part in the tour as well. During the National Conference of Moroccan Enterprises held in Tangier last February 2013 - where Confindustria Assafrica&Mediterraneo was the only Italian entrepreneurial association - its President, Miriem Bensaleh Chekroun, had already identified internationalization in Africa as one of the measures adopted by the CGEM to strengthen Moroccan SMEs’ competiveness.

On that occasion, one of the most influential personalities of the African continent, President Bensaleh declared: «It’s time to reinforce our industrial basis with a two-pronged approach focusing on exports, mainly to Africa, and the domestic demand».



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