D'Agata: heritage as an internationalisation asset

In his opening speech at the ICS Rome, the director general of Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterranean has reflected on contemporary challenges related to the re-launch of the Italian brand, which also come along with heritage enhancement

In line with an industrial system that unavoidably had to build enterprises outside Italy and Europe, it is essential to enhance the tie between cultural heritage and local identity to rewrite a model of Italian productivity and attractiveness. This is the message launched by Pier Luigi D'Agata, the Director General of Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo, opening the fifth edition of the International Communication Summit – ICS – which was held in Rome on November 19, 2014.

Italian brand is belonging and identity - highlighted D'Agata - and also the archaeological heritage is one of its main vehicles. It is our past that invites us to return a country which, since ancient Rome, has produced and exported culture, business, infrastructure, lifestyle, patronage and micro-patronage”. An example? “The crowfunding project started for the Domus Aurea, linked to the three-year system of tax incentives called “Art Bonus”, which provides for the deduction of 65% of the businesses and citizens donations for the restoration of public cultural assets.”

“Saying that “Made in Italy works anyway” - concluded D'Agata - is a reassuring myth, that makes us bask in a comfortable past. We must be the “Brand Italia” bearers, because products can be copied, but identity can’t".



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