From the White House, Ginger Lew's economic ethics

Integrity, honesty, responsibility, respect and fairness. These according to Ginger Lew, former head of NASDAQ, are the core values for conducting business relationships in accordance with ethics and transparency

Interviewed at Oscar Pomilio Forum, the panel on ethics and merit, Ginger Lew, CEO of Three Oaks Investments, former head of Nasdaq and senior economic advisor at the White House, reflects upon ethics in financial activities and lists the benefits of an ethical behaviour on an individual, political and corporate level.

To work in an ethical and transparent way, respecting the best practices in business and in politics is not always easy. What are your considerations in this respect?

Each country has its own way of interpreting the idea of ethics, but integrity, honesty, responsibility, respect and fairness are the core values. Either for a politician or a CEO, representing those values when taking decisions may be a way to get over difficult economic times and face the economic challenges of nowadays. Such type of approach can regain the trust of consumers and citizens, make them understand that the government is working for them and that companies supply products and services people can trust.

Is there a difference between Italy and the United States in the level of trust in politics?

At first sight it might seem so, but we too have our problems in the United States. Right now we are facing an issue regarding the Congress, which doesn’t seem to be working at its best, and a President demanding full management powers; a delicate question, because democracy requires a proper balance between the institutions, which are supposed to work together. Still, it must be said that, though we have not reached an optimal level, the trust in politics is growing.

And are there any differences in the level of trust between young generations and older generations?

I think the comparison between young and old generations lead to two different type of questions. The former basically wonder if more economic transparency can lead to new job opportunities, while the latter wish this government can take care of pensions, social security and health, all things they have received promises about. So, first of all, we wish that trust can be restored between the parties.



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