Increasing the visibility of the Union for the Mediterranean

Enhance regional cooperation and partnership between the two shores of the Mediterranean is the goal of the Union for the Mediterranean, which awarded the communication agency Pomilio Blumm a framework contract

The Mediterranean has become much more than a geographical area: is a transnational entity, an economic and cultural part, characterized by a unique pattern of traditions, resources and sceneries. To promote this heritage is the main purpose of the Union for the Mediterranean: an international organization headquartered in Barcelona, gathering the 28 Member States of the European Union and those states bordering the Mediterranean sea, for a total of 43 countries.

To strengthen its many fronts of action - de-pollution of the Mediterranean, maritime and land highways, civil protection, alternative energies, higher education and research, the Mediterranean Business Development Initiative - and increase its visibility, UfM has recently decided to intensify communication activities, both internal and external, through the allocation of a frame contract.

Among the international companies selected in the restricted tender provided for in the contract, there is also the Italian Pomilio Blumm, founder of the Euro-Mediterranean Network, an innovative network of independent communications agencies active in the European Union.



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