ICS Magzine arrives at Expo: the special edition with Philip Kotler

Special edition of ICS Magzine, that celebrates Expo in Milan with a collection of messages from international summits in Europe and beyond: among the voices that enrich this issue Philip Kotler stands out as the undisputed guru of modern marketing

Food, sustainability, safety, efficiency, research. But also citizenship, values, future. These are among numerous core themes of the Universal Exhibition in Milan, and many are the reflections that have been raised: ICS tried to collect the most interesting ones, engaging in debate some of the most important representatives of European institutions.

This is how the "special Expo edition” of the ICS Magzine was born. And following this idea we have met Philip Kotler, the pioneer of social marketing that is becoming more and more useful in awareness raising activities dedicated to the themes of Expo, ranging from the fight against food waste to responsibility towards the planet and future generations.

While Kotler reveals the secrets of marketing 3.0, where social values ​​are to replace those of the product,  David Wilkinson, EU Commissioner General for Expo, and his deputy Giancarlo Caratti, illustrate the strengths of the communication strategy of the European pavilion, that uses the principles of storytelling to tell the past and the future of the continent, and the strong connotations related to bread, which symbolizes Europe itself at Expo.

From Milan to London: Guido Rasi, Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency, reflects on the evolution of modern health communication. And then Christine Hine, from the University of Surrey, shares her authoritative perspective on the changes in anthropological practice in the digital age.



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