Europe: from the roots to the future

Europe's heritage made of memories and values, a unique history, its path towards reconciliation and its “humanistic civilization” are at the heart of the book “Notre européanité” by Alfonso Mattera Ricigliano published by LGDJ

First of all, it's a project for peace: this is how Alfonso Mattera Ricigliano describes Europe in his book “Notre européanité” published by LGDJ. The author – university professor and special advisor at the European Commission (where he's been working for forty years) – retraces the history of the Old Continent, from the past wars to the ongoing integration process.

Ten chapters full of historical enquiries from ancient Rome to the 1900s, the most recent history and a critical analysis of the present days, with an overlook on the evolution of the “European dream”.

The goal is that of reflecting on the roots of the European identity, but also throwing light on the causes of current scepticism by many. Thus, the book speaks to citizens who are questioning themselves on the importance of the EU project and – above all – to new generations who have inherited this project and will take it to the future.



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