Communication? An innovation facilitator

How is the idea of innovation changing? A key value of our time, it has become a widely used and rather abused concept, to then open to a new meaning where the method is favoured and communication becomes the keystone

The concept of innovation is one of the key-words of our age: a real mantra, now included in a wide range of discourses and representations, often abused or used way beyond its original and literal meaning.

Born in the field of technological research and given utmost dignity by International realities such as MIT’s Labs, this concept has come to dominate the business and social field, and has now become a key value, able to recall a specific and complex imagery, characterized by a visionary and creative spirit, as well as competence, efficiency and concreteness.

In this constant change, the idea itself of innovation becomes more and more cross-sectional. Not just with regard to the areas of use – everything is potentially liable to innovation: from policies to social dynamics – but in relation to the object it traditionally applies to. No longer the product or the process, but it is more and more about the method behind any planning or production activity, either material or intangible.

With this new meaning, its communicative function becomes crucial, a dimension able to connect suggestions, contributions, visions, different functions, to obtain something completely new.

Innovation is, above all, “pooling”, so it is intrinsically and essentially communicative; as long as communication too is open to be re-engineered, turning from result to facilitator of a process of “invention of the new”, to be “participated” and shared from different sides.



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