“Gusto Blumm”: when gourmet cuisine meets the brand

Food and communication: a successful combination which has driven big companies to create exclusive culinary products conveying their brand values and identity for over a century. This was the tradition inspiring “Gusto Blumm”, the new praline by Pomilio Blumm

As proved by the boom of TV programs and dedicated talent shows and as witnessed by its centennial history, cooking has always been ground for dialogue and exchange between cultures and a really powerful means of communication. Over a century, some big European companies have worked on it, such as Germany's Volkswagen that has been producing its own Currybockwust sausages since 1973, and the Italian FIAT, which launched a "cremino" (a soft chocolate bonbon) to advertise a new car model in 1911. The “cremino” is still available in five different flavours.

In line with this tradition which seals a lucky combination between food and communication, the ideas’ company Pomilio Blumm has made a step forward. Indeed, already sponsoring artistic and cultural initiatives, in 2014 the agency has launched "Gusto Blumm", a chocolate bonbon recalling its own universe of values ​and prepared each year by a great author of contemporary cuisine, asked to propose a new and personal interpretation.

After the chocolatier from Turin, Guido Gobino, creator of Gusto Blumm 2014, this year will be the turn of the Michelin-starred chef, Davide Oldani, inventor of “pop" cuisine and ambassador of Expo 2015. For Pomilio Blumm, he has designed an exclusive ganache with olive oil and figs, ingredients symbolizing Abruzzo region, "the heart of Italy" where the agency is headquartered. To create this exclusive gourmet product, Oldani was inspired by the ethical principle of “democratization of food”, as explained by the chef himself during the preview presentation of his creation. (see video)



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