From the Pomilio Blumm Prize to global influencers: the future of communication in the new MagBook

In the latest book by Blumm Academy, the contributions of Pomilio Blumm Prize protagonists and the voices of world renowned influential intellectuals, from Milton Glaser to Gilles Lipovetsky

In bookstores from January, edited by Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore, “Citizen-Art. Engineering new communication tools for future communities”, the third volume of the ICS Magbook series, dedicated this year to the evoking theme of the relationship between art and communication.

The book starts from the experience of the Pomilio Blumm Prize Art Contest Show, the innovative format launched by Pomilio Blumm last spring, in cooperation with satellite broadcaster SkyArteHD, collecting its main testimonies: from the reflections of the chairman Michelangelo Pistoletto, living icon of the “Arte Povera” (Poor Art) movement, to the first-hand account of the finalist artists.

In the new Magbook, the visions and intuitions developed around the prize dialogue with the voices of the main contemporary thinkers: interviews with graphic design guru Milton Glaser, with the theorist of “artistic capitalism” Gilles Lipovetsky, semiologist of art Paolo Fabbri, in addition to a firsthand text by the famous independent curator Harald Szeemann, who passed away in 2005.



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Design is a thought activity: we should not replace it with a mere “optimizing” approach, because it’s from imperfections that talent emerges.


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