Pomilio Blumm at the congress of semiotics with Umberto Eco

Pomilio Blumm showed a few significant case histories in the field of tourism communication and presented the AISS research “La grande bellezza italiana. Percezioni e rappresentazioni sui social ” within the workshop session of the annual congress of semiotics, attended also by Umberto Eco

To reflect on the changing dynamics that foster the relationship between nature and history, between reality and its stories: this has been the purpose of the 42nd congress of AISS –  Associazione Italiana Studi Semiotici  (Italian Association for Semiotic Studies) which took place in Teramo from October 24th to 26th and saw the participation of semiotics  “founder” in Italy Umberto Eco during the final congress day.

The company Pomilio Blumm – one of the enterprises participating to the workshop session – is directly connected to such a theoretical framework. Among other things, this workshop session also aimed at bridging the gap between research and industry. After a speech titled “Na-tourisms: tales and territory images” describing some tourism campaigns realized by the company, the research “La grande bellezza italiana. Percezioni e rappresentazioni sui socialrealized for Pomilio Blumm by the Italian Association for Semiotic Studies was presented.

This research – which identified some significant hashtags related to the theme of “beauty” and traced their use on the main social networks by Italian users – will be presented also during the next ICS summit scheduled in Rome on November 19th.



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