EIT Health Campus: research and innovation for an healthy Europe

Customized programs, synergies between universities and companies, European dimension. Here’s the EIT Health Campus formula for training the new generation of health system operators

Supporting a healthier life for citizens, maintaining the well-being of an increasingly aging population, ensuring the sustainability of the healthcare system. These are some of the most important challenges of our time. Meeting these needs is the goal of EIT Health, one of the Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT).

With a European widespread network of researchers, universities and business operators, EIT Health supports the research for innovative ways to promote health and active aging.

As part of the varied activities of the network, training plays a crucial role. One of the most important training tools is the Campus, an educational system that includes master’s programmes, online courses, laboratories, workshops, events, publications. One of the strengths is the opportunity for students to enhance their skills by creating valuable synergies with companies and actually implement ideas with a high innovation content.



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