Creative Citizenship, a meeting in London with Mulgan

How creativity can enrich everyday life and create social value? That's the main theme of the conference Creative Citizens. The meeting will be opened by Geoff Mulgan, former speaker of ICS Europe, with a lecture on some of the topics debated in Brussels last year

Increasingly used, sometimes abused, the word "creativity" – either meant as a resource to be cultivated or as a key to economic recovery – is certainly one of the mantras of the third millennium. But, how can creativity meet daily routines and improve the lives of individuals and their communities?

This will be the main topic of the conference Creative Citizens, being held in London next 18 and 19 September at the Royal College of Art. International speakers will provide a comprehensive overview on the phenomenon of creative citizenship resulting from digital media and affecting city lives in several sectors, from newspapers to bakeries.

The two-day conference will be opened by Geoff Mulgan, CEO of Nesta, former advisor to the Tony Blair’s cabinet and main speaker of ICS Europe 2013. The topics explored by Mulgan embrace the thematic scope of social innovation and sharing economy, which were the main focus of his speech during the first edition of the European Summit on communication, organised by Pomilio Blumm.



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