From Brussels to Burkina Faso. Objective: participation

To ensure measures supporting credibility and transparency in view of the forthcoming elections in Burkina Faso. That's the objective of the PACTE-BF project, promoted by the Osservatorio di Pavia and the European Centre for Electoral Support and financed by the EU

A project to support credibility and transparency (PACTE-BF) has been launched in Burkina Faso, in view of the presidential elections scheduled for October 2015. With this joint action, the cooperation between the European Centre for Electoral Support and the Osservatorio di Pavia, in partnership with the Centre of Creative Leadership and the Burundian Independent National Electoral Commission continues. 

The general objective of the PACTE-BF, a 14-month project financed by the European Union and by some individual member States, is to contribute to the development of Burkina Faso, by fostering the peaceful participation of the actors involved in the electoral process. In the chaotic atmosphere generated after the political events of the last few months, actions of inclusion and transparency appear to be essential to face this transition period, while waiting for legislative and local elections.

Considered by some as a replicable model in Africa, Burkina Faso is following a path of structural change, assisted by Europe. The Project of support to credibility and transparency is a concrete supporting action, the result of the commitment by the authorities and the Institutions involved. Specifically, the implementation of the initiative has been made by the European Centre for Electoral Support, a non-profit foundation headquartered in Brussels, with a specific experience in post-war contexts and humanitarian aid to the African continent. 



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