Between fear and resistance, a portrait of insecure Europe

The last report of the European Observatory on security has been released: economic crisis and terrorism are still on top of EU citizens worries. With a twist: a growing ability to resist, which reduces anxieties and makes room for a little hope towards the future

The economic difficulties are still the main source of concern for European citizens. Compared to the past, though, we can observe a growing ability to resist, partly because of certain “insecurity habits”. In short, this is the resulting image from the eighth report of the European Observatory on security, drafted every year by Demos & PI and Osservatorio di Pavia on behalf of the  Fondazione Unipolis.

Realized on six countries (Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Poland) representing the whole of Member States, the 2015 report relates very distinctive common trends, against a few, significant national differences.

The anxiety for the economic crisis – especially regarding the theme of unemployment – is at the top of anxieties almost everywhere, especially in the Mediterranean countries such as Spain (56%), Italy (55%) and France (51%), with a peak of 61% in Poland. The fear for the threat of terrorism is more diversified instead: it is very strong in France, Germany and Great Britain, where 41%, 37% and 26% of the population places it at the first two positions of the chart.

In all countries there's a general mistrust of Islam, especially in Germany (75%), Spain (69%) and Poland (60%), and of some foreign populations, particularly Roma immigrants and those from Arab and Balkan countries, thus confirming the predictable connection between economic insecurity and intercultural intolerance attitudes.



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