UfM: from Barcelona, the new strategy for the Mediterranean

Regional cooperation and integration have been the focus of the annual conference of the Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona. The occasion to renew the commitment of the 43 member countries around a set of common priorities such as inclusive growth, sustainability and women empowerment

Facing the challenges of the Mediterranean area all together: here’s the political beliefs of the representatives of 43 countries, as well as Europe and Jordan, attending the annual conference of UfM - Union for the Mediterranean, held on 26th November in Barcelona.

A great opportunity to confirm and concretize the common commitment «in order to reach the widest impact in terms of regional cooperation and integration», as said Fathallah Sijilmassi, Secretary-General of UfM. During the conference, projects and initiatives have been promoted, in particular, under three priorities: youth employment and inclusive growth, sustainable development and empowerment of women.

All issues that have always been precious for the UfM. Last May, indeed, always in the city of Barcelona, the conference "Fostering Women's Participation in Economic Life" was also organized, for which Pomilio Blumm collaborated in the making of the official video (to read the article click here).



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