Communicating domestic safety: a new era for INAIL

Passing from a sport competition scenery to a household environment, the new INAIL commercial warns against the risks Italians are exposed to at home. Main goal: to communicate everyone’s duty of insuring against home-related accidents in a clear and creative manner

The household environment may be a dangerous theatre for people’s safety too: therefore, protecting ourselves is crucial. Protection is the basic concept of the new 2014 INAIL advertising campaign about the insurance against household accidents, designed for Italian housewives and stay-home husbands.

The campaign develops the protection topic starting from the concept of defence: at the beginning of the commercial, we see a fighting fencer that, thanks to a fast change of scenery, reveals herself as a housewife, aware of how important a domestic protection is.

Only after the scenery change, we find out the main protection tool: the insurance. The claim is clear and straightforward: “Guard your safety, don’t use just any 'weapon'. Make the right choice”.

On air from November 24th, the campaign pursues two main goals: raising awareness on the insurance relevance and compulsoriness and informing the campaign’s beneficiaries about its terms and conditions. The campaign is strengthened by a solid and comprehensive media plan, including radio, TV, web and press.



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