Sharing to protect: EFSA’s formula for food safety

A successful exchange system to strengthen a shared European know-how on food safety issues: all this was promoted by EFSA with the Advisory Forum Meeting, like the one that has just taken place in Luxembourg

Supporting the exchange of data and information and sharing the knowledge is one of the objectives of the European Food Safety Authority that, to this purpose, regularly meets the National authorities for food safety of the 28 EU Member States.

The last meeting took place on 8th and 9th December in Luxembourg on occasion of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg semester of EU presidency. Among the topics discussed, data collection and risk assessment to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

The event took place in an atmosphere of cooperation, confirming the spirit of this International event which started in 2003 with the first Advisory Forum Meeting. Indeed, as recalled by EFSA on its website: «Food safety issues do not respect national borders. That’s why EFSA does not work in isolation. Scientific cooperation is central to EFSA’s scientific work. We work closely with partners and stakeholders across Europe and the world, sharing scientific expertise, data and knowledge».



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