European Medicine Agency: twenty years of commitment in ensuring efficacy and safety

The European Medicine Agency turns twenty: a chance to take stock of its activities and commitment and to renew its mission aiming at an increasingly transparent communication

Involvement, relationship, trust: these are the keywords of institutional communication. Especially within the science and health field: considering the complexity and the importance of the “health” theme in this context, the insiders are asked to create a usable, clear, transparent communication.

It is precisely this value of transparency the aim of the renewed landmark policy of the European Medicine Agency (EMA), which “turned” twenty last January 26th. Indeed, in conjunction with the beginning of its twentieth anniversary, the Agency adopted a new policy on the publication of clinical data on which the European measures regarding medicines are based, thus increasing the level of transparency for patients, as well as for healthcare professionals, academia and industry.

Established in 1995, the Agency boasts a twenty year-old commitment to protect public health. Among its tasks, the assessment of medicines according to strict scientific standards and the supply of independent scientific information to partners and stakeholders. In the past 20 years, the Agency has recommended the authorisation of a total of 975 human medicines and 188 veterinary medicines.

On EMA's website you'll find a timeline containing the main phases marking the activities and the evolution of the Agency over the years.   



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