A meeting in Thessaloniki for tomorrow's Euromed entrepreneurs and citizens

From 25th-29th September, the EuroMed youth from the Anna Lindh Foundation Networks will meet in Thessaloniki for an event dedicated to social entrepreneurship and active citizenship with interactive classes and workshops

Creative Entrepreneurship, Active Citizenship: Opportunities for EuroMed Youth” is an event promoted by the Anna Lindh Foundation to help young people from the ALF Networks meet, interact, exchange ideas and learn new skills.

The event will take place in Greece, in Thessaloniki, European Youth Capital 2014, from 25th-29th September, 2014. 65 experienced social entrepreneurs and active citizens from the Euro-Mediterranean region will meet young participants willing to implement a project idea.

How to develop new ideas in the present economic scenario, how to generate innovation and be part of a social positive change, how to act responsibly for your own community: these are some of the issues that the event will focus on. The working language will be English.

The event is organised with the support of the communication agency Pomilio Blumm.



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