ENPI-CBC and the future of the Mediterranean

The set of brochures “Mediterranean Stories. People cooperating across borders” presented during the NextMed conference: a selection of the most important projects realized within the European cross-border programme, managed by the Sardinia Region

Four theme brochures dedicated to just as many key sectors of the Mediterranean development, in order to explain the best projects realized thanks to the ENPI CBC MED 2007-2013 programme have been presented last December 12th within the NextMed conference, organized by the Sardinia Region, Joint Managing Authority of the Programme.

Realized with an original magazine format and significantly titled Mediterranean Stories. People cooperating across border, the set of leaflets offers a selected review of the 95 projects financed by the Programme within the following areas: human capital, economic growth and territorial development, cultural heritage and sustainable tourism, environmental sustainability. The essential and dynamic graphic layout and the choice of distinguishing each dossier with a different colour depending on the focus theme represent a refreshing change in the field of European institutional communication.

As the financial instrument for ENP (European Neighbourhood Policy), the main task of ENPI CBC programme is to help the achievement of the European neighbourhood policy goals by supporting cross-border cooperation and economic integration among EU recipient countries, thanks to a co-financing programme aimed at the promotion of a good governance, as well as an equal social and economic development process.

NextMed conference and the publication of the four brochures mark the transition from the final stage of the ENPI program 2007-2013 to the opening of the new project phase ENI 2014-2020, which will reconfirm the key role of Sardinia Region as the Joint Managing Authority of the Programme.



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