Blumm Prize Next Artists: and the winners are...

Launched in 2012, the Blumm Prize Next Artists is now at its fourth edition, which has just concluded last March 8th in the beautiful and prestigious setting of the Ex Aurum in Pescara, during the Oscar Pomilio Forum event

More than 150 competing young talents under 20 coming from all over Europe and the Mediterranean basin, called to express their vision of the world through art, starting from the "concept" of the rhino, Pomilio Blumm''s historical symbol: these are the ingredients of the international award Blumm Prize Next Artists, promoted by Blumm Academy, Pomilio Blumm's training lab.

Like every year, the fourth edition took place in the Italian town of Pescara, in the prestigious setting of the Ex Aurum - the city's cultural core - during the Oscar Pomilio Forum eveònt of last March 8th , when the finalists' artworks have been exhibited and the winners have been awarded. 

The absolute winner was Chiara Zucchelli with her artwork Passato contemporaneo; Chiara De Simone, who realized a video, was awarded as the Italian winner; the European winner award went to Harry Frost with Elemental connectivity. Davide De Panfilis' La vita è un dono received the highest number of likes on the Award's Facebook page, thus winning the Most Liked Blumm Prize Next Artists Award, while the special "Franco Pomilio" award went to Chiara Geseri.

The absolute Next Artists winner will also have the opportunity to exhibit her artwork during the Blumm Prize event, usually taking place every year in January at the Embassy of Italy in Brussels.



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