IAB Forum: welcome to the digital age

Not only advertising channels, but real driving forces of a landmark change in the field of advertising: digital media and the new communication age have been the most discussed topics at the IAB Forum in Milan. Among the guests, the award-winning director Oliver Stone

Our experiences, habits and interactions are changing with technology and its evolution, from social media impact to the influence of robotics and other technology communications areas. This is what clearly emerged from this IAB Forum in Milan, the annual event on digital world trends.

Among the key topics discussed at the Forum, the massive growth of programmed advertising, ads in real time on the basis of users’ profiles and preferences, and the general increase of investments in digital advertising: in the United States, these are 35% of overall investments in advertising and in Italy they increased of 10% from 2014 to 2015, representing one third of the entire budget earmarked for advertising.

Among the Forum special guests, the triple Oscar winner filmmaker Oliver Stone (we will dedicate the next newsletter to his speech) and visionary engineer and co-founder of Tesla Motors Martin Eberhard, who both reflected on the relationship between storytelling, communication and future. The important statements by IAB president  Carlo Noseda concluded the event: «We've entered the Advertising of Things, whereby consumers and brands are closely interconnected within an ecosystem capable of creating value for both parties».



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